TOKU REVIEW: Kamen Rider OOO Wonderful: Shogun & The 21 Core Medals

Hello guys! it’s been awhile, but I’m back with another Tokusatsu movie review!

Today we take a look at KAMEN RIDER OOO: THE MOVIE WONDERFUL: THE SHOGUN AND THE 21 CORE MEDALS. Yes, I’m not kidding…that’s the whole movie name. Jesus H. Christ Japan…first we had Kamen Rider Double The Movie A to Z: The Gaia Memories of Fate, than we had Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider: Double x OOO Movie War Core featuring Kamen Rider Skull, and now this…..

So beyond the amazingly long title, how does OOO: 21 Core Medals send up as a stand alone movie? Find out-after the jump….and remember…YOU COUNT THE MEDALS ONE TWO AND THREE. ANYTHING GOES WHEN YOU’RE COMING UP OOOs!

The movie starts off innocently enough, a daring expedition in a forest, reveals our good friend Kougami and co. What are they digging for? Well, Ivan Ooze apparently….

Just kidding. Kougami has found where the great alchemist was hidden away. This great person is one of the most powerful people responsible for the creation of the Core Medals, and subsequently the Greeds. Absolutely nothing bad can come from this-right Kougami? Nobu-kun was an AU experiment….so theres absolutely NO chance of this ending badly and nearly destroying the world….nope….not at all…

So Master Gara awakens, and steals pretty much all the Core Medals, not only from OOOs, but from the Greed’s as well. Gara posses the body of a small childs mother, and kidnaps Kougami and Sotanaka (..i would too…rawr). She begins to reshape the world, using peoples desires to destroy the world.

Eiji, Ankh, and Hana get trapped in a Samurai themed period drama (we wish we were kidding.), conveniently with Date’s milk barrel and Birth Driver. A monster attacks, trying to steal the last two medals from OOOs, but he uses the Birth Driver and becomes the FOURTH person* to be known as Kamen Rider Birth

EDITORS NOTE: *Counting Nobunanga from Movie War Core, Eiji is the fourth person to wield Birth. Nobu was first, Date second, Gotou third, and Eiji fourth. I’m the type of person who counts EVERYTHING in continuity-whether or not the internet likes it or not. So yeah. We know return you to your regularly scheduled review.

He uses the Birth Armor to fend off the monster, and keep it from killing some villagers. The local samurai lord (..not Shiba Takeru…OOOs may be a bamf, but he would get destroyed by Lord-sama). After a nice warming talk with a small child-juxtaposed with Gotou and Date hilariously trying (and failing) to break the barrier that Gara has set up, we get another battle. This time, Ankh gives Eiji his last red medal-and he transforms into OOOs and kicks some butt. The Samurai gives him the orange medals-giving way to a new toy for Bandai to sell new form, BuraKanaWai. OOOs kicks some butt, and his overload of desire causes Gara’s plan to be disrupted. The final battle ensues-with the Greeds giving Eiji their core medals. He uses the green combo to clone himself-and than each of the clones take the other core medals and transform into a combo form of OOOs. This gives us THE MOST AWESOME FINISHING ATTACK OF ALL TIME. Freaking NINE WAY RIDER KICK OF DOOM.


But Gara’s not done….we get a little short mini battle over the kid, and the cameo from Kamen Rider Fourze-who acts like the total bad ass he is. He than proceeds to unmorph, shocking Eiji that he’s just a kid-and runs off to class. Eiji finishes Gara off, saves the day, and the world returns to normal.


Overall, this is one of the better Rider movies lately. Not as good as Double’s movie, but good nonetheless. I’m interested to see how OOOs and Fourze work together in Movie War Mega Max (featuring Double). The movie was a lot of fun, and it was nice to see this movie being in continuity with the series. OOO and the Greeds uniting to destroy a common threat was a nice touch, and all in all-the character performances really drove this movie to a home run. Go check it out. I got mine subbed from Over-Time, but I’m sure TV Nihon has it too……just remember to count the medals one two and three….and the next time we talk Kamen Rider-it will be….


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