100TH POST!!!!! INDY MOVIE REVIEW: “SPIRIT: The Documentry”


It’s the 100th post people, let’s give a huge round of applause to that right!!!


Seriously though, thank you guys so much. I know I don’t get a lot of comments on this site, but we do average about 115-125 hits a day-which for a one man blog with he most insanely sporadic posting schedule on the planet-I feel is pretty damn good. So thank you 115-125 mystery viewers a day, thank you so much!

With that said, it’s time to get on with this 100th post, a review of the independent film, “SPIRIT The Documentary”- as always, after the break!


SPIRIT The Documentary is a film that I have been following the production of for over a year. It’s a 45 minute film produced on a literal shoestring budget-by two guys with a camera. The story features Josh and Calvin going on a ghost hunt at Josh’s sisters house-where some unexplained phenomena has been occurring to he and he six year old daughter.


The film is presented as an Indy documentary. There’s no light crew, no camera crew, just two guys, a camera, a tape recorder, a couple digital audio recorders, and some ghosts in a house.

The film follows suit of other found footage ghost films, such as ‘Paranormal Activity’. The skeptic is the one who sees most of the activities, and the team uncovers one item that plays linchpin to the whole haunting-a cassette tape with some recordings dating back all the way to Josh’s childhood. Upon listening to this tape, a phone rings and our heroes are told they will die in seven days a bunch of crazy shit starts happening.

That crazy shit, is where a want to spend most of your time. From my recollection-these guys didnt have the means for any visual effects. They did manage to pull off your basic ghost scares very well. Things like toys falling, doors opening, I know there were more shots planned, but for whatever reason they didn’t either have the budget or the means to make it happen. With that said- I think what they were able to do was great. There’s a shot where they show a little girl in a mirror, and immediately pan around and she’s gone. Now while I know this is a simple jump cut between two shots, it’s done flawlessly.

My only complaint? The ending. I don’t know exact circumstances-but it feels…..unfinished. They go back to the house, and than ‘credits’……with no indication that this is ‘part one’ or anything. It just feels kinda….blah. I wanted to see what hey were going to do, who they called (……..) and what was next. That is a good thing, because it means the filmmakers did their job.

Go check their movie out. It’s available on YouTube-and you can order a DVD if you’d like. They’re 10$ and the money goes to ‘further their research’ aka make more movies. These two kids got their stuff together, and I look forward to seeing more work.

Check out Spirit: The Documentary on YouTube….NOW

3 thoughts on “100TH POST!!!!! INDY MOVIE REVIEW: “SPIRIT: The Documentry”

  1. Thank you for taking the time to review the movie. I just wanted to reiterate the fact that DVDs are available for purchase and there are ways to donate to the cause for us to turn the movie from a forty five minute short to a full length feature. We have some great ideas, we just need help to get the equipment and crew to do it. Check out our website for more information. We will be sprucing it up as the days go by and posting more and more information!

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