THE FIRST FIVE: Ultimate Comics: Spiderman (2011 – Present)

Today kids, for my 99th Post here on Creative Commons, we’re going to take a look at the First Five issues of the new ULTIMATE COMICS: Spider-Man series. This total reboot of the  Ultimate Universe Spiderman. The final issues of the original volume, saw Peter Parker finally get beaten by the Sinister Six, and killed. The new volume, starting with “Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man #1” takes place at the same time as those issues, and than fast forwards a few months around issue 3 or 4.




Let’s take a look after the jump for my views on the FIRST FIVE of the new ULTIMATE SPIDERMAN!


The new hero, Miles Morales is a totally different beast than Peter Parker. His parents are alive and caring, he’s lives in a true mid class area of New York, his parents aren’t rich-but they’re not living on the street. Miles wins a school lottery to go to a really nice prep school. His uncle is the only real “ghetto’ influence-otherwise if you just read the scripts, you’d have no idea Miles was African American. His career gang banger uncle, steals a lab subject, and it escapes in his apartment. Miles comes over to ask for advice-and is subsequently bitten by the lab creation-which conveniently enough is a radioactive mutated spider! This obviously gives him spider powers, as well as a nifty invisibility power as well.


It does take FIVE ISSUES to get Miles in the real new Spiderman costume (which is sexy. I want a 6” figure of that. Now.) His best friend tries to help him cope with these new powers-especially as they see Peter Parker getting killed on the television.


Miles Morales goes to the public funeral, and talks to Gwen Stacey-who gives him the “with great power….” line, and inadvertently sets him on his path to becoming Spider-Man. His best friend actually goes and buys a Spidey Halloween costume, and Miles webs around town for a bit-throughly getting his ass kicked. Its kinda funny. He runs into the Ultimates Spider-Woman, who proceeds to kick his ass and bring him to HQ, where Nick Fury, Iron Man and co interrogate him. They finally ask him to join their group-and give him his official new sexy costume-and sends him off on his adventures…..


Issue 7 comes out this month, and the series is just constantly a great read. The art and story are both FANTASTIC, and I do really enjoy seeing Miles Morales grow and evolve into the new Spiderman. It’s the only Ultimate book I’m reading – and one of the few Marvel books I’m reading as well. Check It out, its worth the buy!

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