THEATER REVIEW: “Crazy For You” (Lowell High School 2012)

“Crazy For You” is a production put on by the Lowell High School Theater Department. I ran the weekend of March 8th at Lowell High School. This musical drama was a barrell of laughs, and a suprisingly grown up production-compared to your typical high school drama club fare.

The production was an upbeat musical, about a banker from New York-who is dreams of being in the theater. He tries and auditions for the biggest producer in town-and fails. Repeatedly. His well, horrible mother forces him to walk in his families footsteps and take over the bank, so she sends him to the middle of nowhere in Nevada, to collect a defaulted mortage on an old theater turned post office. Naturally-he falls in love with Smurfette (the only woman in the town…this get referenced later) and tries his damndest to save the theater and fullfill his dreams of being on stage-AND get the girl. Twofer for the win!

The plot rolls around nicely, and our hero-Mr. Bobby Childs, brings an army of dancers out from New York, and impersonates the biggest theater producer in New York, Mr. Bela Zaggler. Hillarity ensues in this musical romp. Identies are mistaken, and a fun time is had by all.

The humor in this play is great. Its irreverent and funny. Theres a slew of one liners that I honestly expected would anger parents in the crowd. Examples of such include:


Polly: “I am the only girl in town!”

Irene: “That’s why you look so tired!”


Polly: “I dont know..he just makes me feel so…tingly…in my basement”


Theres also a scene toward the end, where the Irene character falls in love with the inn keeper, and she just oozes sexuallity. Its a complete 180 from her character the entire play prior. 


Everyone put in 1000% into this production. Everyone from the lead, to the backup dancers, to people like my cousin Zach Rickert, who only had 1 or 2 lines….but he stood out extremely well, and I definitly hope he persues this in the future. Between he and his brother, so is so much talent there-the entertainment industry would be missing alot with out them.


Overall, the show was great. I will be watching again when the DVDs get mailed out.

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