TOKU REVIEW DOUBLE FEATURE: Gokaiger vs Gavan on a Flying Ghost Ship: THE MOVIE!

This is a first for us here at Creative Commons. Our first DOUBLE FEATURE REVIEW! The reason I’m doing it this way, is that despite my undying love for all things Gokaiger…I don’t really feel either of these movies deserve their own single review post. Today, we’re going to look at the second and third films from 2011 that feature everybody favorite Pirate Rangers, the GOKAIGERS! First up is the summer film, “Gokaiger The Movie: The Flying Ghost Ship”-which was double billed with the Kamen Rider OOOs movie, which may or may not of been previously reviewd right here on this site.

The second part of the review is the annual Sentai Versus movie, Gokaiger vs Space Sheriff Gavan of the Metal Heroes franchise (whose source material was used for not only VR Troopers, but Big Bad Bettle Borgs as well!)

So, since this is a double feature, let’s dive into Gokaiger and the Flying Ghost Ship……and remember-let’s make it extra showy!

Let’s start our adventure off with KAIZOKU SENTAI GOKAIGER: THE FLYING GHOST SHIP THE MOVIE! This 31 minute “movie” suffered from TOEI throwing all its resources into Kamen Rider OOO’s at the time, and figuring the summer movie for Gokaiger wasn’t as important-since they were going to be in FOUR movies…..not counting the eventual Go-Busters vs Gokaiger movie….

Basically, the crew find a flying Ghost Ship-which is told to hold the legendary God Eye, which can grant unforetold power to any human who possess it. The crew goes after it-leaving Gai to meddle around on Earth. They face off with the baddie of the week, kill him, take the Gods Eye, and have a big mecha fight with essentially a dark version of Gokai Oh (complete with Pirate Cape and hook arm!!)

During the middle points of the film-the crew is trapped in a crazy alternate dimension, where they fight off some past super sentai monsters-including a GIANT MINION MONSTER comprised of the foot soldiers of all the past sentai. They make quick work through the green screen fodder and Marvelous goes back to the Ghost Ship, steals the God Eye, wishes his friends back from the now closed dimension, and they proceed to kick ass.

It was a fun little adventure-that didn’t really need the “Movie” title. They could of shoe-horned it into the series and made it a stand alone episode of the show personally. It was fun, but nothing particular to write home about…

…now Gokaiger vs Gavan….on the other hand.

GOKAIGER vs GAVAN was the THIRD Gokaiger movie to come out in 2011. Seriously. THIRD-and with Super Hero Taisen due in a month, the Gokaigers are going to be working for awhile!

2011 is also the 30th Anniversary of the Metal Heroes genre, which doesn’t really exist now (even though 2002’s Kamen Rider Ryuki was originally meant to be a Metal Heroes resurrection). I will admit, I know NOTHING about Metal Heroes, other than the source footage was used by Saban for Big Bad Beetle Borgs (Kabuto J Fighter or something like that) and VR Troopers (Metalder, and some Gavan too…) I can imagine Saban trying to adapt this movie as a Power Rangers / VR Troopers cross over…..lets hope they don’t though.

The basic premise is the Gokaigers are caught by the Space Police to end all Space Police, GAVAN! Who is really being tricked by a Zagnyack shape shifter. Gavan is captured by the Zagnyack and Gavan Bootleg-and its up to the Gokaigers to rescue him. A lot of action ensues, and the two team up and kick the Zagnyack’s ass all over space to save the day.

Interesting fact. The actor who plays Gavan, also portrayed DenjiBlue and Battle Kenya-from the Denjiman and Battle Fever J sentai’s. Different character and all-but same actor. They acknowledge this, by featuring the characters as cameos-and even the Gokaigers mentioning they look similar. They even let them all henshin together-which is pretty bad ass if you ask me.

Gokaiger vs Gavan took the spot that Gokaiger vs Goseiger would of normally been in. This is because the Goseiger team up was wrapped into the 199 Hero clusterfuck of awesome. It was a fun movie-and you didn’t need to know anything about Metal Heroes or Gavan to like the characters.


So overall, we’ve made it showy-and now the countdown to SUPER HERO TAISEN has begun….

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