MOVIE REVIEW: Superman vs The Elite

Wel the latest DC Animated Feature has arrived, SUPERMAN vs THE ELITE. Starring George Newburn (Justice League Unlimited) as the Man of Steel. Follow the jump for my full review!

Superman vs The Elite is the second DC Universe Animated feature to be released in 2012-following Spring’s Justice League Doom, and preceeding this fall’s Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part One. The basic premise of the movie is based on the Superman story “What’s So Funny About Truth, Justice & The American Way”-where a group of metahumans show up, led by Manchester Black-who collectively are as powerful as Superman-possibly more so. The difference is they are willing to kill the bad guys-which I don’t always see as an issue personally. More on that later.

The plot moves along at a nice brisk pace-and this is the first solo movie where Superman didn’t seem like a total and complete dolt. Manchester Black is a formidable opponent to the Man of Steel-and the two throw down quite frequently, and quite violently as well. There’s a part in the end where Superman goes bananas, and starts taking out The Elite one by one by one, and its AWESOME.

Overall, I think Superman vs The Elite is a very solid movie. DC keeps hitting with the DC Universe films-and I wonder if 2013’s “Flashpoint” will reset the DC Extended Animated Universe, the way it did in the comics. I wouldn’t mind the DCAU movies having an overall connection to them. I kinda hate that they’re going to skip animated versions of “Crisis on Infinite Earths”, “Infinite Crisis”, or “Final Criss” in favor of going right to “Flashpoint”. Hell, I would love to see an animated take on Grant Morrison’s entire run of Batman-from “The Black Glove” through “Batman Inc”.

So this is where I solicit feedback from you-the viewer. I want to know your stance. In the comic book world, is it morally okay for the superheroes to KILL the villians? Is there a certain scale system to it-like it wouldn’t be a bad thing if Batman was to kill the Joker (like he may or may not of done in Arkham City)-but possibly a villian like Clock King would be a little worse, since he isn’t nearly the threat the Joker is? I reached out to Facebook to get some feedback, and here’s what the Facebook-verse had to say:

JORDAN LARSEN: I would have to say depends on the circumstances and the villain. Because your more serious villain is going to kill innocent and if they are continued to be locked up eventually they are going to break out again. Locking them into a never ending cycle of battle with the hero. Also if we’re going to lock at this from a justice stance. Look at the government stance on death sentence…why doesn’t one of our heros carry this out himself. Granted now the argument can be made that trial wasn’t given, however Civs are unable to battle most of the dc/marvel villains. Hence why the hero is needed, therefore they should hold the power to make a rational decision to destroy a super power for the greater good.
CALVIN HEIKILLA:  Batman can never kill otherwise nothing separates him from the villains. He’s just another crazy guy doing what he wants above the law. Superman doesn’t have to kill. He’s the gd Superman he can chain you to a rock and throw you in space.
These are just a few of the sentiments I recieved. So sound off in the comics below my friends. Should super heroes kill the villians?

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