TOKU REVIEW: Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider Fourze & OOO: Movie War MegaMax!

Ah yes, the 2011 Rider team up movie is FINALLY subtitled, courtesy of Over-Time….and to sum it up: HOLY SHIT!

Join us now as we count up our sins, where anything goes and we tackle this one on one..and we dive into KAMEN RIDER x KAMEN RIDER: FOURZE & OOO: MOVIE WAR MEGAMAX!  SWITCH ON!

Megamax is divided into FIVE sections this time around. Let’s take a look at each of the sections:

1.1 Beginning

–this focuses on the prologue to the story. Foundation X (the group from Kamen Rider W who was backing Museum and the research into Gaia Memories) is searching for Core Medals, and developing Astro Switches (which pretty much makes the the Post Decade version of Dai Shocker. Which I’m cool with.) The seven legendary Riders (pretty much all the Showa Riders, up to Black…for..some..odd…reason…)
1.2 OOO

The OOO section starts with a wormhole opening up, and a Rider from the future appearing in present time. This man, is what would happen if a Greed became a Rider-as he is pure desire and rage. In the future, some new Core Medals possesed the Rider of the future, Kamen Rider Aqua-and turned him into Kamen Rider Poseidon. (much like the Dinosaur combo for OOOs). This man is a violent force, whose sole desire is to destroy the other Riders. He of COURSE wipes the floor with both Birth and Proto Birth with relative ease. He also wipes the floor with Eiji-but something else came through the wormhole. It’s FUTURE ANKH!!

Ankh throws Eiji the medals, and he fights back and eventually helps break the hold the Poseidon medals have over Mikuru, the Rider of the future. Together, Kamen Rider OOO and Kamen Rider Aqua defeat Poseidon-and Aqua returns to his own time-never to be seen again.
1.3 Futo: The Conspiracy Advances

Count up your sins, because it’s time to rejoin everyone’s favorite half-boiled detective, Shotoro Hidari….one half of KAMEN RIDER W! In this little quick bit, Shotoro-in his epic badassness is chasing down a Foundation X convoy, and is attacked by two Yummy’s (the monsters of the week from OOOs). With Philip pre-occupied in Planet Bookshelf, he decides to take matters into his own hands as Kamen Rider…*pause*……JOOOKKKAAAA!!!!!!!

As Kamen Rider Joker, Shotoro is able to delay the convoy-but in the end, Kannagi-who acts as the main baddy for now-is able to get to his secret spaceship, and install the Posedion Core Medals in a new Driver. The convoy was also carrying a silver sludge, called the SOLU (or Seeds of Life from the Universe…very Evangelion of you…). Joker’s interference causes them to loose the sludge into a sewer-which in turns lands on four turtles and a rat, and turns them into the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles… wait..sorry. Wrong movie.

1.4 Fourze

The Fourze part is the next large section. Its crazy school space carnival day, and the Rider Club are all dressed as some of the Legendary Riders, trying to show the world that they’re not just Urban Legends (..cuz yknow, having Gentaro just henshin and make a public appearance makes too much sense…and is too damn easy..) When suddenly, a girl falls from the sky. He is caught by Gentaro-cuz he’s awesome-and is taken to a medical center. We learn her name is Nadeshiko- when they are attacked by some Dastards and they run off. Eventually, Gentaro henshin’s into Fourze, to fight off the enemies, when Nadeshiko pulls out a Fourze Driver, and transforms into Kamen Rider Nadeshiko-mimicking alot of Fourze’s moves. Eventually the two fight off the monsters, and run off-as Gentaro is in love with Nadeshiko. The two grow closer together, before Gentaro takes her to the Rabbit Hutch and they play on the moon. She removes her helmet to kiss him-and thats when it finally clicks-shes not human. *DUN DUN DUNNNN*

We find out Nadeshinko is the SOLU-the silver ooze that created the ninja turtles Shotoro lost in the sewer in the last segment. The group is once again attacked by Foundation X-and asked to give the SOLU to them. After a fight the main baddy ends up killing Nadeshinko and turning her into an Astro Switch, to use in his fancy belt buckle. Eiji enters on a Ride Vendor, and asks Gentaro and the Rider Club for help. He spirits them away to random parking garage number 3728732 where they meet with Shotoro and Philip….and the movie war begins….

1.5 Movie War Mega Max

..this is where shit gets real ladies and sirs. this is where shit. gets. real.

Gentaro and Shotoro immediatly hit it off, because they are both utter bad asses. He explains the nature of Foundation X. How they funded both the Gaia Memory research by Museum-as well as the project NEVER (which gave us Kamen Rider Eternal, and zombie soldiers!!) So its logical to assume they had a hand in Kougami’s Medal research, as well as the Astro Switches and Zodiarts. Because they are in fact-the Dai Shocker of the Post Decade era.

They are attacked, and Kannagi sends his last minions out-which use some Astro Switches to become different Zodiarts. All three of the Riders henshin-and Shotoro says he’s going to return the favor to Eiji, and fend off the Zodiarts, while he and Gentaro take out Foundation X!

OOO and Fourze head after the mothership, and are met with a small army of Masquerade Dopants, and Garbage Yummy’s  and Dustards. They go through all the motions, using each different combo to power through them all like bosses.

The two reach the ship, and get their asses KICKED by Kannagi, who has used the Core Medal / Astro Switch Driver to become “Super Gingaoh”….which sounds like a Super Sentai Mecha…

After getting beat down by him, Kamen Rider Aqua re-appears, and gives Eiji the Super TaToBa medals. Nadeshinko also re-appears, and gives Fourze the Rocket States switch. They use their new toys to save the day…and destroy the baddies.

The finale of the movie is awesome action. We see everyone get involved in it, we see Aqua make a comeback, we see Double just be awesome as usual. We get new toys for OOO and Fourze. As well as the debut of Kamen Rider Meteor-who fights off a monster in a post credits scene fashion, and wonders if the source is AGHS.


Igadevil said it best. This is the best Kamen Rider movie. EVER.

I only have one question about it: CONTINUITY!?!?!

It’s pretty obvious that this movie is in continuity with the OOO series-and not the movie OOO, because of the fact they reference the finale episodes (and even use stock footage from it!). Im also 99% sure its in canon with Fourze, because we do see a cameo of Foundation X talking to Gamon in the series. So its possible. Plus Rocket States has been seen filming-either future episodes or the Fourze movie…not sure which yet.

All in all, I cant say it enough. Megamax is the BEST Rider movie ever. It was sooooooo good. So tight, so coherent, and so all around awesome. Get it. See it. NOOOWW!!!

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