REVIEW: Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes (2011-2012)

And there came a day unlike any other

Where Earth’s Mightiest Heroes found themselves united a common threat

On that day, they became…THE AVENGERS!

So I’m going to start this by saying: I’m a DC guy. DC overall has had better television, better animation, better toys, and just more interesting characters to me. That said, I do enjoy some Marvel characters. Spiderman, Gambit, Deadpool, Venom….characters that in no way are involved in this show (well, Spiderman…). However, I enjoyed the Marvel movies-and decided to give “Avengers: Earths Mightiest Heroes” a try, since Season 1 was available to me on Netflix. I made this descison after getting swept up in “Avengermania” leading up to seeing the movie in May (which may or may not be reviewed a few posts below).

Since than, Avengers; EMH has become a regular watch for me, to the point that I’ve gone as far as finding rips from episodes that have not aired in the US yet (on Disney XD)-because America is the only country that stops shows in the middle for no apparent reason.

So how did it stack up? Did it become the first Marvel series to be put in my top animated comic book films of all time? Find out, as we Assemble….after the jump!

I’m not going to do an episode by episode run, simply because I don’t feel like it. Season 1 was fairly episodic, and it actually took about 5 episodes before the Avengers actually took shape. We began seeing some over arching plot threads-but NOTHING to the level of say, “Justice League Unlimited”. The MAIN villian from Season 1 was mostly Loki, altho we did see HYDRA, AIM, and even the US Government take the spotlight for a stretch or two.

Season Two, we saw more overarching story arcs, as they quickly hammered out Secret Invasion.We saw a glimpse of the Skrull / Kree War, It started an interesting arc where the Sorceress from Asgard whose name I forget gets possesed by Surtur-that was dropped like a WWE storyline. I can’t help but feel theres more stories out there in this universe-since it was abruptly canceled. Disney XD will finish airing the second Season (we hope)..The show built a marvelous world-where all the other heroes co-exist with each other. I would of loved to see some other Marvel heroes show up, such as Gambit or Deadpool-but yknow, I won’t complain too much.

My only real gripe came with the finish, and the debut of Galactus-who came to Earth with three other heralds, and no Silver Surfer. They usually go hand in hand…but yknow, at least Galactus wasn’t a giant cloud like in the Fantastic Four movie…

All in all, “Avengers: Earths Mightiest Heroes” was a GREAT show, and the best Marvel animated series of all time. Yes, I’m including the 90s X-Men and Spiderman cartoon, which lets honest: they PALED compared to Batman: TAS. It didn’t do as good of a job world build as the DC Animated Universe did, but it did pretty damn well.

Check it out. Its a fun show!


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