MOVIE REVIEW: The Dark Knight Rises (2012)


Alternate Title: Fuck “The Avengers”

2012 has been one FUCK of a year for comic book fans. First, we all jizzed our pants over “The Avengers”, and now, we can gather around the table and give thanks to our Savior…to quote Kevin Smith. “Our father, who art in Gotham. Cowled by thy name.”

That’s right kids. Let’s all RISE, and take a look at THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. Also known as “The Greatest Movie of 2012”

The Dark Knight Rises is the third Batman film by acclaimed director Christopher Nolan. It has the elite job of being the second THIRD Batman film in a franchise (….but the less said about “Forever” the better….) as well as being the finale for Christopher Nolans “Dark Knight Trilogy”.

I said this on twitter, and it rings true. My immediate reaction to “Rises” could be summed up in 2 words: HOLY. SHIT.

This movie was epic. Christopher Nolan has crafted a Batman story, that i think rivals some of the best Batman stories ever told (“The Long Halloween”, “Dark Victory”, etc). I don’t want to drop too many spoilers, but the arc they concluded was brilliant. The set up for a potential spin off or continuation of the series was exciting. Seriously. I can’t do it.

Listen, go see the movie for yourself. It’s amazing. Single handedly the best movie of 2012. Go see it for yourself, because the words I have to describe it don’t do it justice.

Thank you Christopher Nolan, thank you for saving The Dark Knight. Thank you for giving us a vision of what Batman is supposed to be.

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