BREAKING NEWS: New mini-series ADVENT by John “Pariah” Olesen and Cal Heikilla!

Obviously not the official logo.

Obviously not the official logo.

So this is a project that has been in development for a LONG TIME. If you go back in the archives of this site, you’ll probably see some early story points or synopsis ideas. What started as a cyberpunk distopian war story-has evolved into something much, much, much more. Coming from the creative team of myself (PWX Wrestling, From The Ashes, Pariah’s Voice, this site right here.) and Calvin Heikilla (SPIRIT) – Advent is a sci fi hero series we plan to distrubute digitally via Comixology in the early part of 2014.

Here’s the synopsis of the story:

Even Angels Need a Dark Knight

“Have you ever wondered what really happens in the afterlife? Do the good and just really go to Heaven, and the merciless and despot really burn eternally in Hell? Is there no gray area? Have you ever thought about the Battle to End All? Wouldn’t that be rather one sided? The Old Word has many example of God’s wrath upon the wicked. The Archangel Michael, Gabriel, the burning of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Even in these modern days, where our city streets are filled with hate, anger, crime, disease, and the whore of nature. As a plague of darkness, the Horror, continues to eat away at humanity-God must once again turn to a new death dealer. Advent. As even Agents of the Lord-need a Dark Knight at their side.”

As a child, Mikal Grayson grew up without a father. He was taken from him mysteriously-without so much as a warning or a trace. One night, cold and alone-moving between foster homes-he was visited by a dark force, a being known as Nihil-a creature born and bred from humanities darkest corners. A creature whose sole existence, is to fulfill his role as the head of the Covenant, and please his master, Mesias.

In his early twenties, Mikal Grayson was attacked coming home one night. He was greeted at the gates by his father. He told him one thing, that his time was not at hand, that he must return to his place in the Earth Realm-where he can overcome the darkness coming.  He woke up in his bed-with a black and white bracelet on his wrist. A cross affixed to it-and a realization about his role in life coursing through his body. He began to see the darkness everywhere. He knew one day, that Nihil would come back for him-for the rest of the world-and that he was to be the hero the angels needed. He was meant to the be their armored savior.


Using the bracelet, known as a Cross Drivier-Mikal transforms into a powerful warrior known only as Advent. His powers remain a mystery, and the strange link he has with the Covenant, with Nihil, and Mesias

Taking influences from Batman-and shows like “henshin hero” shows like Kamen Rider and Garo-Advent tells the story of a young hero battling the forces of evil. Coming to grips with his new found powers-and unraveling the mysteries clouding his past.

Once again, not OFFICIAL art. Photoshop of an idea for the costume-using the Tron style Deadpool as a base.

Once again, not OFFICIAL art. Photoshop of an idea for the costume-using the Tron style Deadpool as a base.

A core cast of characters-asking the question of how far the forces of good would go-to succeed in their goals? Even the angels need a flaming sword at times. Check here for more updates-and stay tuned for Advent to drop!

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