Superman Unbound (2013) – A Review

product_wide_supermanunbound_uji876t5re_“Superman Unbound” is the second DC Universe Animated Film to be released in 2013. Following January’s “Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 2”, and preceeding July’s “Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox”.

The story is based on Geoff John’s “Superman: Brainiac”-which retells the first encounter between Superman and the Alien Cyborg entity known as Brainiac. We also get a teenage Supergirl, who is still adjusting to life on Earth, and a firey Lois Lane-who flips Brainiac off.

The voice cast is actually really good. Call me old fashioned, but I prefer when WB uses the voices of the DC Animated Universe for these projects. I like Tim Daly or George Newburn as Superman. I like Kevin Conroy as Batman, i like Dana Delaney as Lois Lane, I like Loren Lester as Dick Grayson-so I havent been really psyched for movies when they dont involve my ideal voice casts.

However, Matt Bommer (White Collar) does a fantastic job as Superman. Much the same way I felt about Bruce Greenwood’s Batman in “Under The Red Hood”-I feel he’s doing as adequate of a job as Tim Daly or George Newburn would of done. The rest of the voice cast is really good, and the voices fit the characters.

The animation is tight, and the movie moves along at a nice pace. Not to fast, not to slow. The scene where Superman travels to an Alien world to get a glimpse of Brainiac in action COULD of been shortened a hair..but its not too terrible.

They tie in a subplot with Clark being very controlling of Lois in their relationship. It’s done as an analogy of how Brainiac bottles cities like Kandor (and eventually Metropolis). It was a fun parallel to explore.


The script kept the amount of profanity down this time. I find it odd when Lois calls the bad guy a “son of a bitch”-although I’m not OPPOSED to such words, it feels weird for an animated Superman movie.


Overall, I enjoyed the film. I actually have no complaints about it. It was an entertaining 90 minutes. The bonus features are interested. We get a pair of 30ish minute documentaries. One about Superman and one about Brainiac. We get FOUR DCAU episodes, two from “Superman: TAS” and 2 from “Justice League”. Audio Commentary (Blu Ray only), and a preview of “Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox”.


My son watched it with me-and the attached “Man Of Steel” trailer made him lose his shit. He’s pumped up. I’m usually more of a Batman fan (yes, I realize I didn’t review Dark Knight Returns, what else could I of said though that wasn’t said. Best. Batman film. Ever.)


All in all, check it out! It’s available on Blu Ray for around $20 from all your favorite brick and mortar stores, or online retailers like Amazon! Also, you can buy it digitally via iTunes, Playstation Store, Xbox Live, Google Play! Check it out, and check back in July-when we unravel the Flashpoint Paradox!


4 out of 5


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