Elementary (Season One) – Overall Thoughts

kinopoisk.ruI don’t know if i want to call this a review. My Smallville posts were a “review”….this? Probably not so much.


Earlier in the year, I fell in love with a new CBS Drama called “Elementary”. The premise was a former heroin addicted Sherlock Holmes was in New York in 2012-as a consulting detective for the NYPD. Watson is a girl, named Joan…played by Lucy Lu.


I want to preface this: I am not super familar with Sherlock Holmes. I dont think I’ve ever read the books. I haven’t watched the BBC’s “Sherlock”, and I haven’t watched EITHER of the Disney Sherlock Holmes movies starring Iron Man. I am familar with the character, and the jist of his mythology-but for the most part I went into “Elementary” blind.


I also despise police prodecural shows. I loathe CSI, NCIS, ABC, 123,…all of those shows. I detest them with an utter passion.


“Elementary” felt like the bastard love child of “House” and a police procedural. But it was fun. The lead actor is astounding funny, quirky and has this slightly crazed quality about him that my wife and I absolutely fell in love with. We don’t watch alot of TV-so it’s pretty much been this, Arrow, and American Horror Story for us…


The first season lasted 24 episodes-with the finale two being aired together as a 2 hour finale movie. I don’t know if the producers knew they were getting a second season-because the story line with Moriarty wrapped itself up pretty nicely at the end of the series-granted it felt a little forced.


“Elementary” suffered the same complaint i had with Arrow (which I will be posting an article about this weekend-ish maybe).


The pacing was WONKY. There were at least half a dozen “murder of the week” episodes in Elementary, that didn’t serve much use other than fluff and filler. The show was originally signed for I believe 18 episodes, than expanded to 22, than to 24….so that means the producers had to scramble to stretch their story for the whole season. The same thing happened to Arrow-where the first season kept getting extended.


This made key plots, like the whole Moriarty plot drop like flies for several weeks on end-while Sherlock went to solve the crime of the week. From my understanding, Moriarty is to be the Joker to Holmes Batman, the Lex Luthor to his Superman, the Sinestro to his Hal Jordan, the Elmer Fudd to his Bugs Bunny (i..guess?)…it didnt really play that way in “Elementary”-because of the fact that they introduced the concept mid season, and than it vanished for several episodes before being the central focus of the final six or so episodes. There was definatly a dissconnect between the second half the season-as certain episodes felt like the actual show, and the other ones felt like the writers were saying: “Meanwhile…..at Stately Wayne Manor…”


The whole subplot with Sherlock training his sober companion-Joan Watson-who is a disgraced surgeon-to be a detective on his caliber is interesting. They downplay the obvious romantic tension between the two-presumably because they knew it would just brow beat the story into a stand still.


I love when they give the hero a real, tangible weakness…something relatable. You can’t relate to being hurt only by a glowing meteor rock. You can’t relate to being hurt by the color yellow. You CAN relate to being a human in a suit.


You CAN relate to the psychotic genius of Sherlock Holmes being a former addict. Everyone is an addict-not always to heroin, but to something. I’m addicted to comic books, I’m addicted to film, you may be addicted to porn, or to crystal meth, or whatever. Everybody has vices, and vices are relatable.


So giving us a hero with such an identifiable-but relatable achilles heel-was a stroke of brilliance. It made the character relatable, and allowed the viewer a way into his oft damaged psyche.


Overall, the show is on Hulu Plus now…at least the most recent episodes. Im sure it will dump on Netflix sooner than later, as well as hit DVD / Blu Ray sooner than later. Network dramas tend to be out very quick.


I will DEFINATLY check it out on blu ray, as the potential bonus features for this show excite me.


Check it out. I loved it-and you probably will too!


4 / 5

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