VIDEO GAME REVIEW: “Deadpool” (2013) KNEW this was coming right?



Release: 2013

Publisher: High Moon / Marvel

ESRB Rating: M for Mature (….did you REALLY expect less?)

Rating For:..its Deadpool….

Systems: PS3, Xbox 360, PC, steam






I have been WAITING for this game since it was announced at SDCC last year. I LOVE me some Deadpool, and after watching the potential of a Ryan Reynolds’ portrayed Deadpool in the “Wolverine” movie get washed down the drains, and seeing my hopes and dreams shattered into a non chimichanga eating mouthless merc who looked like Lex Luthor and Baraka had a baby….the idea of playing an M Rated Deadpool game was really, REALLY, inspiring.


Let me say this. Deadpool is rated M FOR MATURE. Which to video games is the equivelent of an R.


It is rated that way for a VERY SPECIFIC REASON.


If you’re not familar with Deadpool, google it. Here’s the quick version: Wade Wilson was a mercenary-recruited by Weapon X and given a mutant healing factor. It backfired, and basically made it to where he cant be killed (or hurt) and is certifiably INSANE. He is self aware, knows he’s in a comic book-and when written properly is the single funniest-and deadliest character.


That said, I do not READ the current Deadpool comic by Brian Poshen for the story. I read it because its mindless, harmless fun. Brian Poshen is funny as hell, and it shows in Deadpool. I dont EXPECT “The Court of Owls” when i read Deadpool. When..or well..if…the Deadpool movie gets made-I don’t EXPECT to go into it seeing “The Dark Knight”. And with that said-I didn’t expect to play “Arkham City” when I popped the wonderful pancake designed disc into my PS3.


Did I get what I expected?



newdeadpoolscreens1I completely got what I expected. Is the story pretty bleh and cliche? Yeah. Yeah it is. Its a complete meta joke where Deadpool abducts the developers at High Moon and forces them to create a game about him. It jumps through hundreds of cliches and jokes-even switching to an 8 Bit Zelda style dungeon for a segment. It’s hillarious-and the fourth wall will never be the same again.


Is the action repetitive? Yes. Yes it is. You run through worlds that are fairly linear-hacking, slashing, and blasting your way through waves of drones and villains.Its honestly no more repetitive than the Arkham games, or Force Unleashed, or God of War.


Other X-Men characters like Archlite, Psyclocke, Domino, Wolverine, Cable (!) and The Maruaders make an appearance. The central villain is Mr. Sinister-and the bulk of the game takes place on Genosha. So it’s a pretty comic book fan boy centric plot.


Oh and Daniel Way wrote the story…so yeah…bonus chimichangas there.


Nolan North voices Deadpool. And he’s perfect. If Ryan Reynolds fell out of the Deadpool movie-I would approve of Nolan North taking the role.


The jokes are great-again-don’t expect a super deep story.


The game is full of R-Rated humor. Deadpool interacts with his world in such a way that you cant help but enjoy it.


I give the game 4 chimichangas out of five. only because the replay value-is kinda…not there. It’s not Arkham City where you have 3209802983092830982043937048973 1/2 Riddler trophies to obtain. It’s pretty straight forward. I hope a second one is a little more open, and a little bigger.

2 thoughts on “VIDEO GAME REVIEW: “Deadpool” (2013)

    • Oh dont confuse what I said about the current run. I LOVE the current run on Deadpool. Yes, the bits of drama are usually wrapped in humor-or given an insane over the top finish. (spoilers) Like the death of Agent Preston-only for her to wind up as one of the voices in Deadpools head. It’s been a very fun run and its my favorite marvel book right now (granted i only READ five Marvel books..Deadpool, Superior Spiderman, Ultimate Spiderman, Scarlet Spider, and Venom)

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