[Review] THE WOLVERINE: It HAS to be better than the last one…..DOESN’T IT?

TheWolverinePosterTHE WOLVERINE

Release Date: July 26th 2013

Rating: PG-13

Starring: Hugh Jackman








So, I went to go see THE WOLVERINE tonight. Over the last couple of weeks, i’ve been subjecting myself to the X-Men Cinematic Universe (Origins, X-Men, X2, X-Men: The Last Stand, and First Class). Tonight, I capped it off with the latest installment of Fox’s X-Men Franchise, “THE WOLVERINE”. What did I think of this? Find out after the jump.


I will try to keep this relatively spoiler free.


So Wolverine takes places after “X-Men: The Last Stand”, as there is direct reference to when Logan had to kill Jean  Grey as the Dark Pheonix. Wolverine has visions of his life-specifically when he saved a Japanese general during WWII in Nagasaki from the bomb. We fast forward to the present day, where Logan is contacted by a woman named Yukio-and brought to Japan to meet the man he saved.


That man offers him a chance to regain his mortality. Logan of course refuses the treatment, and is attacked by Viper, who puts a power dampening spider in his heart (Yes…exactly how it sounds). The man dies, and Logan ends up playing bodygaurd for his granddaughter, Muriko-(aka Sunfire). The wild chase ensues, and thats where the plot pretty much stops.


The action is frentic-as you’d expect a Wolverine movie to be. The story is straight forward, and the big twist on the main villain-Silver Samurai at the end you totally saw coming.


The question really asked here: is it better than X-Men: Origins?


Yes. Oh god yes, infinitely yes.


It has alot of humor the first 2 X-Movies, and First Class had. The action is tight. The climax at the end is kinda..meh…


The story and characters used makes perfect sense for this story arc from the comics. Theres VERY LITTLE muddling of the water like they did in Origins. No character got particuarly raped, like a certain Merc with a Mouth, or a certain Ragin’ Cajun….and their wasnt 28037808923 random nameless mutants like in X3.


I personally would of preferred Yukio to be Psylocke, but yknow….whatever.


Overall, I enjoyed it. It’s my Number 2 Super Hero movie of the year, behind “Man of Steel” and lightyears ahead of “Iron Man 3”.


God Iron Man 3 sucked sooo bad.


Check it out. It’s fun.


Oh..and stay into the credits……a slight tease at the next film…something like weekends of past present? something like that…BIG cameoS at the end.
not the exact cameo’s I’d prefer..I’d love to see Cable and Ryan Reynolds walk up to Logan and recruit him for X-Force…but that doesn’t happen……

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