About Me

count up your crimes, because i am the  destroyer of worlds…im just a passing through new media / comic book / film / tv / animation / tech / gadget expert…remember that….HENSHIN!

So, my name is John Olesen, better known as Internet Personality John Pariah! I currently reside in Lake Station, Indiana with my wonderful wife and our two kids

I’m straight edge. That means I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, and I don’t do drugs. Straight Edge also means I’m Better Than You! [/cmpunk]

I am quite the accomplished writer, actor, director, author, musician, podcaster, blogger, videographer, photographer, and social media expert

I am also an aspiring film maker, writer, and actor. My acting extent extends to a couple random YouTube videos though. My writings have been published by CNet.com, Team-Android.com, Droid-Life.com, Poetry.com, MobileUnwrapped.com, The SauceReport.com, Sliceofthe.net, and a slew of other places. I’m currently working on writing a screenplay and a comic book.

I love movies, and I love comic books. I have several film projects I’m trying to get off the ground. I enjoy the cinema, I enjoy movies. I enjoy writing. My ultimate goals are to release at least one feature length film, or write a comic book for DC Comics.

if you want to contact me, feel free!

GoogleTalk: johnathan.olesen@gmail.com

AIM: AxDyingxBreed

you can find me on twitter @johnolesen

talk to me. we’ll have chats.

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