Pariah’s Voice

“Dude, your band makes me want to punch babies”.. -Randon Guitar Center Employee….

Started in 2002-through various incarnations-the musical meandering of one John Pariah has grown and evolved over time. It has morphed and changed into an entirely new entity-simply known the world over as “Pariah’s Voice”.

While the lineup is in a constant state of flux, the core component-John Pariah remains ever present.

Pariah’s Voice Discography Includes:

Generation_One” LP (2007)

Contributors Include: John Enright, Steven Koontz, Dan Libauskas, Josh Ham, Vince, Richard Caudill, Alex Kelly, Michelle Tragedy, and Joey Giordano

Live @ Stand-Up” EP (2007)

Contributors Include: Joey Giordano, Richard Caudill, and Alex Kelly

A Taste of Things To Come” EP (2008)

Contributors Include: Brad Hellman & Joey Giordano

Age of the Fall” Demo (2009)

Contributors Include: Brad Hellman & Eric Calvert

Project Cadmus” EP (2011)

Contributors Include: None, all digital / instrumental

Designing The Enemy” EP (2012)

Contributors Include: TBD




The Battle For Bludhaven [2008],t=1,mt=video
pariah's voice | Myspace Video

Pariah’s Voice
“The Battle For Bludhaven” (2008) (DEMO) (from “generation_one”)
featuring Joey Giordano and Richard Caudill

Gotham Underground,t=1,mt=video
pariah's voice | Myspace Video

Pariah’s Voice – “Gotham Underground” (2008) (from “Live @ Stand Up”)
featuring Joey Giordano, Alex Kelly & Richard Caudill

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