TOY REVIEW: SH Figuarts “Super Shinken Red”

Company: Bandai of Japan

Purchased From:

Cost: $50

Line: SH Figuarts / Samurai Sentai Shinkenger

Figure: Super Shinken Red (Takeru Shiba)


Earlier, I reported on my addiction. My expensive, addiction. SH Figuarts. Since than, I have added Kamen Rider Fourze and Super Shinken Red to my Figuarts lineup-and I’m here to talk to you about the latter….


I give you Takeru Shiba…Authorized by providence, the 19th Head of the Shiba Clan…..SUPER. SHINKEN. RED. *cue Shinkenger opening*


The posability and overall awesomeness is still there from the original ShinkenRed figure, we just now get the fancy elvis jacket. Included with Super Shinken Red (outside of the usual array of hands) is 2 discs (the Super Disc and the Bull Disc), a ShinkenMaru, a Bull Cannon, a Shodophone, and a Black Box (im sorry, I cant remember the names of everything in Shinkenger, so somethings will be given their Power Rangers Samurai name)


Now, unlike the standard issue Shinken Red-this one is NOT available at Toys R Us (yet..). I purchased mine from BBTS for about $50. Its not terrible for the figure-plus its just been released-so its nice to not have to wait months for it. 🙂


The jacket looks very nice-and is molded to the body of the figure. Part of me wishes they just did a super mode accessory pack for the standard issue figures-but the idea of having two ShinkenReds posed together on my shelf is pretty damned awesome…


Overall, its a great figure and compliments my standard ShinkenRed very well. Worth the price of admission-and while the figure isnt super heavy on the accessory count (again, outside of the standard hands)-the accesories it DOES come with are pretty awesome. The discs fit onto the ShinkenMaru, into the canon, and into the black box-which is pretty neat.


Check out a full gallery here!



Also, coming soon: A review of the SH Figuarts Kamen Rider Fourze Base States figure-as well as a PODCAST!!!!




Power Rangers Samurai is FREAKING HUGE.

Seriously. It’s not the hulkamania levels of popular that “Mighty Morphin'” was in the 90s, but jesus christ, “Samurai” is doing very well in the ratings (that Saturday @ Noon timeslot is HIGHLY coveted…) and the toys are selling EXTREMELY well. Probably the first Bandai of America toyline that DOESNT SUCK COMPLETLY, at least in a VERY long time.


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